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Hereunder on this page, you will find some relevant industry news. We have also listed hundreds of Irish, British and European Agri-Food, Beverage, Environment & Forestry Events scheduled in 20 plus countries. Unfortunately due to the  #coronavirus pandemic  most Agri shows & rural events have been cancelled for 2020

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Agribusiness Roadmap during #Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all know due to government advice Sales Executives can no longer call to farmer customers or trade accounts. All Agri shows, Trade events, Farm Demos, Seminars etc have all been cancelled for the spring & summer months.

So how does one communicate with customers and promote your business during this difficult period? Farmers after all still need feed, fertilisers, machinery, seed and other agri inputs and more importantly, most can afford to pay for same.

Farmers still want to improve their incomes, reduce costs, save time and enhance their family lifestyles. So if you have a product or service which can be of benefit to their enterprise why keep the good news to yourself?

Reducing your advertising or marketing budget is not a cost-effective option. The market for feed and other agri inputs is actually growing and farmers are open to new ideas. Due to current travel restrictions and with more family help on the farm they actually have more time to read publications, look at websites, listen to podcasts & talk to you on Zoom.

Some options you could consider are as follows:

  • Most Agri websites need to be significantly improved and search engine optimised. Unless it impresses potential customers why should they be impressed with your products or services? Unless the content is well-edited and regularly updated you will not get repeat visits.
  • Timely and topical newsletters in the mail with invoices or as ezines can be very cost-effective. However, they need to be well designed, with appropriate font size, have some nice photos and contain useful technical advice and content. A local journalist from a farming background can help you to improve your newsletters.
  • Webinars can replace farm seminars and Teagasc have had some success in organising these. You need a good MC, top-class speakers, good topics and excellent graphics, and avail of the best technology available. One advantage is that you can afford speakers a long way from your base as there is less travel time and other expenses involved. Participants also save on travel time and expenses.
  • Using well designed and expertly produced adverts is always cost-effective. Currently, advertising rates are at rock bottom so they are great value for money. The Agri media needs your support if they are to carry other useful articles and news of interest to your customers. Another great option is to use sponsored content.
  • PR consultants can get you good coverage in the Agri media for your business, personnel, new products, innovative services etc. However, remember that the Agri media need advertising support and are more likely to give you some “free coverage” if you are a good advertiser. For optimum coverage, your news needs to be interesting, timely, topical and well communicated.
  • Social media is very popular with the younger generation in particular. Video clips work particularly well but need to be short (less than 2.5 minutes), well-produced and publicised. Simply asking viewers to like your boring Facebook page is not going to get you any new business so get professional advice.